Approved Foundational Courses

Students declaring the Secondary Field in Educational Studies are required to take at least one foundational course.  The following foundational courses have been approved for the Secondary Field in Educational Studies.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Course ID
Course Name
Offering Status     
Schools in Culture, Culture in Schools
Not Offered in 2022-23
Education in the Economy
Spring 2023
ECON 1078
Analyzing Educational Policy
Spring 2023
EDST 102 Developmental Psychology Fall 2022
EDST 103
Philosophy of Education
Fall 2022
EDST 104
The Politics of Education in the Developing World
Spring 2023
EDST 124
Foundations of Teaching and Schooling
Spring 2023
GENED 1039
Higher Education: Students, Institutions, & Controversies
Spring 2023
GENED 1076
Equity and Excellence in K12 American Schools
Fall 2022
GENED 1122
The Social Responsibilities of Universities
Not Offered in 2022-23
GOV 1368
The Politics of American Education
Not Offered in 2022-23
HIST 2450
History of Schooling in America: Seminar
Not Offered in 2022-23
PHIL 177
Educational Justice: Proseminar
Spring 2023
PSY 1014
How Students Learn: Psychological Science in the Classroom
Not Offered in 2021-22
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Politics and Educational Policy in the U.S.
Not Offered in 2022-23

All Approved Courses

Academic Year 2022-23 Approved Courses for the Secondary Field in Educational Studies

Courses listed on this PDF have been approved and can apply towards the Secondary Field in Educational Studies. Students should refer to the Harvard University Catalog at my.Harvard for confirmation on the status of course offerings.

Can I petition to have a course approved? Students may petition for a course to be approved for the Secondary Field in Educational Studies by sending an email with a brief rationale for inclusion along with the course number, title, and description to the Faculty Director of the Secondary Field and cc Rena Mello, Program Coordinator, at: