Five courses (20 credits) + Capstone

1One foundational course from an approved list of courses.

2. Four additional courses related to education from an approved list of courses (or approved through petition).

Three of the five courses must be offered by distinct academic units (departments or schools). A list of approved courses in education is available at Educational Studies secondary field website.

3. Capstone project related to education. This can include:

  • Writing a senior thesis on a topic related to education
  • Taking a course on education that requires a significant research project
  • Completing an independent study focused on education
  • Working in a laboratory or as a research assistant on a study related to education
  • An extracurricular project that involves significant learning and reflection

The Director of the Secondary Field in Educational Studies must approve the Capstone Project before it is commenced. Students should consult with the Director about their ideas for their Capstone Project early in the process. The Director can help students identify opportunities for the fulfilling their Capstone Project if they need it. The Capstone Project Agreement Form has a section for students to attach a short word document proposal outlining their project as well as sections to get Proposal Approval signatures from both the student’s supervisor and the Director of the Secondary Field in Educational Studies. Once the Capstone Project is satisfactorily completed, the same form affords the student the ability to obtain Completion Approval signatures from both the Supervisor and the Director. You can contact Director Julie Reuben at and/or make an office hours appointment at .

Other Information

Students are encouraged to declare their interest in the Secondary Field in Educational Studies during their Junior year and may not declare after October 1 of their Senior year.

Due to FAS regulations, only one course may double count for a secondary field and concentration.

Although it is possible to fulfill the program requirements solely with FAS courses, most students will likely take one or two courses from professional schools. Consistent with the FAS regulations on cross-registration, students will be able to count no more than 2 courses (8 credits) towards the secondary field.

Advising Resources and Expectations

For additional information and advice about the program and course selection, students may contact Julie Reuben, Charles Warren Professor of the History of American Education and Director, Secondary Field in Educational Studies.

At a Glance

Secondary Field in Educational Studies at a Glance 
A one-page guide to the path to the Secondary in Educational Studies.

At-a-Glance One-Page Guide



Secondary Field in Educational Studies FAQ

Answers to common Educational Secondary questions.

Course Planning Form

Secondary Field in Educational Studies Course Planning Form
Write out your plan of study and submit it to Julie Reuben and Rena Mello within 30 days of making your declaration for the secondary in educational studies.

Course Planning Form

Capstone Agreement Form

Secondary Field in Education Capstone Agreement Form
To outline the scope of your capstone project and submit for approval from Professor Julie Reuben.

Capstone form